“There is a place deep within you where peace and love reside.
When remembered as the truth of what you are, it will set you free.”

With many years of experience Gioia gives a deeply intuitive therapeutic massage using a combination of:

•    Deep Tissue Massage

•    Relaxation Massage

•    & Spiritual / Energy Healing

Gioia has a background and training in Massage, Energy Reading, Meditation, Telephone Counselling and Journey Work. All of these modalities bring depth, empathy and compassion into her work.

Spiritual Healing, also know as Energy Healing connects with the healing power that is at the core of each and everyone of us, our essential essence. It is where we are all joined as one, in eternal life. It is through us and around us, beyond form and symbols. Also known as light, love, truth, life force or vital force. Healing is effected through the use of this energy, which is also known as prana, chi or light. This is an integral part of Gioia’s massage.

Each session is tailored for what the persons needs are in that moment. Some are more interactive and some are in silence.

A session is good for people:

  1.    with aches, pains, tension and stiffness in the head, neck, shoulders,
        back and legs

  2.    who are seeking resolution and clarity to issues they are facing

  3.    who are stressed, anxious and depressed.

A session will help you feel:

  1.    connected, centered, peaceful, rejuvenated, relaxed, balanced, lighter.